Issue 6 – Power and Resistance


‘Centralization is the accumulation of power in the hands of the few at the expense of the many’: Henry C. Carey and the Decentralisation of Space and Politics
Charles Thompson

Shifting States of Threat and Resistance in EU Multilingual Security
Susan Holdsworth

August Experience: Popular Reactios to the Outbreak of World War I in Sheffield
Ryosuke Yokoe

The hidden power of the asylum psychiatrist and one fictional patient’s resistance: Mary Jane Ward’s 1946 Novel, The Snake Pit
Jacqueline Hopson

Against All Odds: Women’s Activism and Resistance to the Mugabe Regime: The case of WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise)
Ethel Maqeda

The Problem of Power in Contextual Bible Study
Tiffany Webster

We do not have an electronic copy of this edition of the journal, so we are currently unable to upload the articles.  If you can help, get in touch!

General Editors

Kate Gadsby-Mace (School of English)

Kelly Green (Department of Archaeology)

Editorial Board

Aaron Ackerley (Department of History)

Catherine Annabel (Department of French)

Rebecca Haywood (Department of Archaeology)

Kirsty Hemsworth (Modern Languages Teaching Centre)

Ruth Littewood (Department of Hispanic Studies)

Suk May Low (School of English)

Neri Marsili (Department of Philosophy)

Jamie Morgan (School of English)

Tony Prince (School of English)

Emily Shackley (School of English)

Moe Shoji (Department of Theatre)

Adam Smith (School of English)

Daniel Southward (School of English)

Cydney Sturgess (Department of Germanic Studies)

Richard Walker (Department of Archaeology)

Thomas Wardak (School of English)

Daniel Westwood (School of English)


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