Issue 13

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Rhetoric, Spin and Discourse in the Political Landscape

Introduction and Presentation of the Editorial Board by Joe Tryner

Theatre and Democracy: Seeing Difference by Rob Fellman

One Wished it Boiled and another Roast: Religion and Politics in the Florentine Fifteenth Century by Joe Tryner

A Lucky Girl: How Children’s Bible Materials Perpetuate Anti-Abortion Discourse by Cath Kennedy

God’s Own Country: The Importance of Identity in Relation to Politics within the Region of Yorkshire by Kendal Sefton

Xenophobia and Language Discrimination: Going back to English’s Roots to Inform the Present by Sophie Whittle

Anna Ross, Beyond the Barricades: Government and State Building in Post-Revolutionary Prussia 1848 – 1858 (Review) by Dan Royle

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