Issue 12 – Utopias, Dystopias and Heterotopias

Editorial 2019


Utopia as Socio-Economic Critique in Leviticus 25::25-55
Katherine Gwyther, SIIBS, University of Sheffield

Visions of the Future in the Past: Placing William Morris’s News from Nowhere in the Nineteenth Century
Jessica White, Department of English, University of Liverpool

Euphoric Melodies – Utopian Idealism in Meet Me in St Louis (1944)
Gemma Ballard, School of English, University of Sheffield

A Heroine’s Dystopian Journey: Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth in Caragh M. O’Brien’s Young Adult Birthmarked Trilogy (2010)
Miriam Magro, School of English, University of Sheffield

The Utopian Narration of La Comédie Humaine: Balzac’s Quest for the Ideal Novel
Harsh Trivedi, French Studies, University of Sheffield

Slices of Time: Heterotopia and Counter-Space in Art Therapy
Deirdre McConnell, School of English, University of Sheffield

General Editors

Peter Harvey
Cath Kennedy
Stephanie Lee

Editorial Board

Danielle Beaton
Samantha Chiu-Yang Chang
Rosalie Janssen
Katherine Gwyther
Alexander Harrison
Mariyah Mandhu
Katherine Poon
Stephanie Rudd
Chloe Stringer

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